Youth Ministry

Our youth ministry, Code RED, is available to support young adults, and families of young adults.

Nicknamed Code RED, the youth ministry was created to support the families of young adults. The aim is to help young people know and delight in the gospel and help them navigate common issues facing 6th-12th graders.

We do that by hosting teaching meetings, small groups, service & ministry opportunities, youth activities & socials, and an annual Youth Camp in August. We are excited about what God is doing and will do through our Code RED youth ministry!


When does CODE RED typically meet?

We meet on Sundays from 4-6pm.

Who is overseeing Code RED?

CodeRED is a group effort. Drew Chapman is the pastor overseeing youth ministry, he and his wife Amanda lead and host CodeRED with an incredible team of trained and qualified volunteers.

Are parents able to sit in on CodeRED meetings?

Yes! Parents are encouraged to be present and be a part of our meetings. It's a great time to get to know other parents in the church, as well as to see, hear, and interact with your students as they interact with the Bible, other Christians, and the Christian life. For our Small Group nights, we encourage parents to drop off their students and grab a date night, get together with another parent or couple from CodeRED, or run some errands.

If my family attends another church (or does not regularly attend any church), can my student still attend

the youth group?

Absolutely! While we encourage students to worship with their family and to attend youth group at their church if it is available, we realize that many churches are not able to support a youth ministry program. We welcome any young adult to check out Code RED!

Is there any cost to Code RED?

Most often, no! But occasionally when we create events (like laser tag, bowling, or ice skating) there is a nominal fee.

What happens during a typical gathering at Code RED?

Each month we typically have a Large Group (with a sermon or Bible study), Small Groups (with Jr. & Sr. High discussion groups), and a Game Night (with pizza provided). We also have occasional Service Projects with local ministries and organizations, and Special Events like Laser Tag, Mini Golf, etc.

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