Website Launch!

Introducing an all new outreach focused website, and a new Central Hub designed for you.

We are excited to announce the launch of Redeemer Fellowship's new website! Our digital presence has taken a big step forward with the redesign of our main website and an overhaul of our church hub. We are hopeful that this initiative positions us well to reach the Newark community, and serve our members and visitors more effectively. Here's an introduction.

Redesigned Website (

Our new website has been built from the ground up with a singular goal: outreach. It's simplified, streamlined, and tailored to people who are searching - either for a church home or for answers to life's biggest questions. The website provides an introduction to Redeemer Fellowship and encourages new folks, no matter their background or story, to visit on a Sunday morning. So what can you find on the new website?

  • Our beliefs, values, mission, and partnerships
  • What a new visitor can expect on Sunday morning + directions
  • A place where people can get to know the leadership team
  • The ministries we offer and ways to plug in and serve
  • Featured sermons that give an introduction to the preaching

In addition, this site gives you a tool to reach your friends, family, and co-workers. Because it was built with new folks in mind, you can share the site via social media, text message, email, etc. and those folks can easily get to know our church family.

We're excited about it and we hope it's a great resource for you!

New Church Hub (

The new Central Hub was built with members and new visitors in view. We realize that in the past it could difficult at times to find the information you need. The Hub is intended to be your single resource for any information pertaining to the day to day life of the church. That includes things like:

  • What time does fill in the blank event start? (Calendar)
  • I'm new. What steps should I take to get connected? (I'm New)
  • How do I request pastoral counseling or sign-up for a ministry team? (Sign-Ups)
  • Where can I listen to a past sermon? (Sermon Archive)

When you have a moment, take a look around and familiarize yourself with the new Hub. We believe this new platform will help to facilitate all that is happening here at the church and can grow with us over time.

We hope these new websites achieve two goals: reach more people in Newark for Christ and serve you, our members, so that technology aids church life and doesn't get in the way.

We're grateful for you, Redeemer Fellowship!

-- Your Pastors