Fellowship Groups

Learn more about our small groups that meet in area homes three times a month.


As we read the Bible, we see that the church is more than a building or a set of programs for us to enjoy. What separates us from just a crowd of attendees or a common club is the intentional creation of a community where people are encouraged to mature as disciples of Christ and where practical needs are met as they live life together.

At Redeemer Fellowship we build this community primarily through our Fellowship Groups – small groups that meet in area homes three times a month. These groups welcome visitors and provide a great way to get to know people. During these meetings, groups will enjoy time to study the Bible, worship the Lord through song, discuss relevant topics, and enjoy good food and fellowship.

* Many meeting times are at 7:00 pm, but please contact the Group's leaders for the exact meeting times.

Jordan & Kimberly Beckler

Tuesdays *

Location: Off Timberline Drive just south of Route 273, Newark

David & Robin Wangaard

Tuesdays *

Location: Landenburg, PA

Caleb & Chachi Woo

Tuesdays *

Location: Off Walther Road between S. Old Baltimore Pike and Route 40, Newark

Scott & Becca Rudy

Thursdays *

Location: Off Route 41 near Graves Road, Hockessin

Danielle & Ryan Boedeker

Thursdays *

Location: Off W. Chestnut Hill Road between Route 896 and Otts Chapel Road, Newark

Bethany & Frank Lockerman

Thursdays *

Location: Off Route 7 near Route 2 (Marshallton), Wilmington

Jason Stowell

Thursdays *

Location: Shallcross Lake Road near Cathy Court, Middletown

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